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Episode 7 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | July 27, 2018

Blog 7 – Bittersweet  I’m feeling a bit bittersweet writing about episode 7, so let’s just get right into the episode. In our first challenge, we had to create a recipe that would be easy to share on a Facebook live stream. Of course, nothing is…

Episode 6 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | July 20, 2018

Blog 6 – Shark Week Sink or swim? Coming off a high from last week’s episode, I was feeling good walking into the kitchen. I felt at ease and finally got my groove in this competition. That is until….our first challenge, we had to create a…

Episode 5 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | July 13, 2018

The crunch heard around the table! We are officially at the halfway mark on the show. I can hardly believe it as I’m typing this blog. Last week’s mentor challenge was one of the first times in the competition where I truly drew a blank…

Episode 4 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | July 8, 2018

midterm? It’s time to panic! That was quick! Something about taking a test gives me anxiety. Midterms? I already have anxiety hearing anything to do with a test. So, when we walked into the kitchen that day and Bobby and Giada announced that our challenge…

Episode 3 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | June 28, 2018

Moroccan Feast & Tastemakers Wow, three episodes down already. Going into this week I wanted to work on a few things. First – be relaxed on camera; second – smile more. I felt a lot of pressure after the prior week’s so-so presentation and knew…

Episode 2 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | June 22, 2018

Food Network Star Kitchen, Red Food, Podcasts & Proud Bird Well, I made it to episode 2! After a grueling episode 1, we made our way across the country to LA to start filming episode 2 at The Culver Studios. The logo that dreams are…

The 5 hidden truths of Reality TV Cooking Shows

By ppalak77 | June 4, 2018

1. It’s as crazy as it looks I often get asked, “How real are cooking shows?” Well, the truth is a cooking competition is always intense, scary, dramatic, and nerve-racking. Even after winning two of Food Network’s highly rated shows, Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay, I was still nervous going…

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