Palak’s been a guest on Rewrappedon Food Network, CBS, ABC, and Bravo. Her work has been featured onToday's Show, Mashable, Marie Claire The FIX, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and India Abroad. Palak’s a regular food and travel contributor to Table Magazine.

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Food-obsessed, Chef Palak Patel believes that our appetites ignite a certain type of wanderlust, one in which travelers continuously seek new flavors, dishes, and ingredients.  Chef Palak finds inspiration traveling around the world seeking culinary adventures near and far, experiencing meals that are not only unforgettable but go on to influence her cooking.

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The brands I work with

Palak has partnered with high profile brands such as BMW, Barclays, Sears, Hello Fresh, and Wine Enthusiast.  She’s available for appearances and collaborations with companies who may be interested in having chefs for consumer marketing campaigns and media tours.

International Chef Palak Patel
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