‘How To’ Guide for Thanksgiving Timing and Cooking

By ppalak77 | November 19, 2020

Plan your dinner + Shop Dry Goods and Baking  Spend ample time planning this year’s Thanksgiving. It might look a little different. Use these tips from my InsideHook article to scale down dinner.  Properly making a shopping list. Be sure to include ingredients that are…

The Magic of Oman

By ppalak77 | October 24, 2018

One of the hidden gems in the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is an enchanting place boasting rugged coastlines, a rich architectural heritage and vast deserts.  I, however, fell in love with the region’s cuisine, which brought me back to the familiar flavors of my childhood in India and introduced new,…

My Top 10 Cookbooks

By ppalak77 | August 2, 2018

In this article you’ll find Chef Patel’s favorite winter warming spices and how you can make the most of them to be sure you’re creating the most delicious and wholesome dishes possible—and most of them already live in your pantry.

Episode 7 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | July 27, 2018

Blog 7 – Bittersweet  I’m feeling a bit bittersweet writing about episode 7, so let’s just get right into the episode. In our first challenge, we had to create a recipe that would be easy to share on a Facebook live stream. Of course, nothing is…

Episode 6 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | July 20, 2018

Blog 6 – Shark Week Sink or swim? Coming off a high from last week’s episode, I was feeling good walking into the kitchen. I felt at ease and finally got my groove in this competition. That is until….our first challenge, we had to create a…

Episode 5 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | July 13, 2018

The crunch heard around the table! We are officially at the halfway mark on the show. I can hardly believe it as I’m typing this blog. Last week’s mentor challenge was one of the first times in the competition where I truly drew a blank…

Episode 4 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | July 8, 2018

midterm? It’s time to panic! That was quick! Something about taking a test gives me anxiety. Midterms? I already have anxiety hearing anything to do with a test. So, when we walked into the kitchen that day and Bobby and Giada announced that our challenge…

Feed Your Adventure

By ppalak77 | July 3, 2018

NYC is home to more than 8 million people and it’s not the first place that comes to mind when I think of outdoor adventure. That is until I had my day of adventure with Clif Bar making NYC a happening hub for outdoor adventure….

Episode 3 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | June 28, 2018

Moroccan Feast & Tastemakers Wow, three episodes down already. Going into this week I wanted to work on a few things. First – be relaxed on camera; second – smile more. I felt a lot of pressure after the prior week’s so-so presentation and knew…

Episode 2 Food Network Star

By ppalak77 | June 22, 2018

Food Network Star Kitchen, Red Food, Podcasts & Proud Bird Well, I made it to episode 2! After a grueling episode 1, we made our way across the country to LA to start filming episode 2 at The Culver Studios. The logo that dreams are…