My Top 3 Summer Cocktails

By ppalak77 | June 19, 2018

Endless days, sandy beaches, long nights and al fresco dining: yes, the summer season is here. My desire to kick back with a cocktail is stronger than ever this time of year and lucky for you, I’ve got just what you need. There’s nothing nicer than a delicious cold…

The 5 hidden truths of Reality TV Cooking Shows

By ppalak77 | June 4, 2018

1. It’s as crazy as it looks I often get asked, “How real are cooking shows?” Well, the truth is a cooking competition is always intense, scary, dramatic, and nerve-racking. Even after winning two of Food Network’s highly rated shows, Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay, I was still nervous going…

Make These 3 Big Game Appetizers Using Surprising Spices and Wow Your Crowd

By ppalak77 | January 29, 2018

Between cheering for your favorite team and watching the halftime show performance, you’re going to be eating during the Super Bowl. Whether it’s dips, guacamole or wings, I have three surprising game day twists that have you covered for party eats. No matter the outcome of the…

Spices That Defy Expectations: How to Use Herbs in Desserts

By ppalak77 | July 17, 2017

Summer is in full swing, and that means the garden is overflowing with fresh, fragrant herbs. Bright bouquets of basil, pungent sprigs of rosemary and woody sage leaves not only make a statement in savory dishes, but can take an ordinary dessert to another level….

Beyond Mexican Flavors: Chef Palak Tastes Around Mexico City

By ppalak77 | May 30, 2017

If you’ve heard about the allure of Mexico City, I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely worth all the hype. What I thought I knew about Mexico was just scratching the surface—I was not prepared for the vibrant sights, sounds and smells I would…

Three Indian Dishes That Aren’t Tikka Masala

By ppalak77 | May 1, 2017

When most people think about Indian food, the first dish that comes to mind is tikka masala, a decadent combination of chicken, creamy curry and pungent spices served over rice with crispy, chewy pieces of naan bread. Although I adore tikka masala as much as…

Top Ways to Use the Wonder Spice, Saffron

By ppalak77 | March 31, 2017

One of my all-time favorite spices is the ever-magical, oh-so-versatile saffron. It’s a spice that is often times foreign to most people’s spice rack, but it’s one of the best ways to impart a wonderfully vibrant flavor and hue to your dishes, whether savory or…

Chef Palak cooks on the Today Show “Chicken Biryani”

By ppalak77 | March 20, 2017

Behind the Scenes with Chef Palak: How I Beat Bobby Flay

By ppalak77 | March 15, 2017

Going head to head with Bobby Flay on nationwide television was quite the epicurean undertaking. Not many chefs can say they’ve taken him on and were victorious. I was lucky enough to be invited to cook against the grill master himself in a New York-themed special,…

Chef Palak Reveals: Top 5 Places That Inspire Her Flavor-Packed Cooking

By ppalak77 | February 27, 2017

Culinary inspiration can come from anywhere—I love taking tidbits from my travels and incorporating them into my routine, whether it be a new technique, a rare spice or recipe inspiration. Here are the top five places I’ve been that continue to influence my cooking today,…